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Campus maintains lush green gardens with a rich collection of flora and fauna. Every year 1000 no. seasonal tree plantation is done on regular basis and 600 no. saplings the Telangana State Government sponsored “Haritha Haram” event-a drive to maintain greenery is conducted effectively at our Campus.

Energy Conservation

  • Over 108 solar water heaters of 500 litres and 1000 litres each are provided at all 11 hostels which accommodate 4500 + students.
  • Total 73 solar powered street lights are installed in the campus, which is estimated to save around 5275.71 units of electricity annually.
  • Total Campus is in built with 212 LED street lights, which saves around 182481 units of electricity annually.
  • Entire 7 No's Academic Buildings and 8 No's Hostels are connected through roof top solar plant of 947.7KWP as a renewable sourced energy campus which saves 600,000 units annualy.
  • 现有的学术建筑,住宅区和宿舍正在以逐步的方式从CFL转换为LED。
  • There are 6 ground water recharge points are available and additional 6 recharge points are proposed and shall be completed by December 2019 to increase the ground water table in the vicinity to enhance the output from bore wells.
  • All overhead tanks and water coolers are fitted with floats, sensors and other mechanisms to shut the water supply and avoid overflow.
  • Providing pressmatic taps with water aerators to minimize wastage of water
  • 所有储水罐定期监测,以确保由于流量而没有浪费。

  • Bi cycle is allowed as means of internal transport within the Campus and limited usage of Vehicles is used at large to minimise air pollution for the total 4500+ students residing in the campus.
  • Sewage treatment plant of 450 KLD capacity working on ASP system and New 600KLD capacity MBBR system are functioning to treat the waste water generated in the Campus.
  • 我们处理过的水ed for around 25000 sqmtr of land scape area and used for flushing purpose in New Academic block, Faculty housing towers 1, 5 & 6.
  • Proposed to use treated for flushing purpose in all Old hostels.
  • The sludge generated at STP is transferred to drying bed in the vicinity of STP which is used as manure after drying.
  • Adequate Trash Bins were provided across the campus to control the littering of the waste material
  • Separate Waste management yard is in operation to segregate Domestic dry waste and wet waste. Dry wastes sent by vendor for recycling and wet waste is vermicomposting and used for garden manure.
  • Food waste are feed in a bio-gas plant and converting into gas and used for mess 1 Kitchen for cooking purpose and by this we are able to convert one ton of waste on daily basis.
  • Dry waste is further segregated as per norms and handed over to TSPCB approved vendor for recycling.
  • All garden waste is composted and converted into manure which is used to maintain the garden.

Director's Message

  • Prof. G Sundar

    Hyderabad Campus的Bits Pilani的四个身体校园中最小的是2008年8BOB体育平台赌博月29日开始运作。全住所,拥有5500多名学生和500名教师和工作人员,风景如画的校园被安置在200英亩的崎岖不平的地形特征中该地区。它配备了教学,研究和课外活动所需的最先进的基础设施状态。
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