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Happenings at BITS Pilani

  • Pearl 2018

    Pearl 2018 was definitely a fest to remember. With its theme 'Memories of the Mile', it struck a chord everybody who had been bitten by the travel bug at some point in their lives.
    遗产令人振奋的表演,随着Manan Sound项目的混响交响乐,艾莉森加布里埃尔,非小提琴项目和Carnatic 2.0,Tony Junior和Aronchupa的脚攻击,Amit Trivedi和Raghu Dixit项目的旋律,幽默ashish shaka,以及Saurabh Shukla的戏剧性戏剧在他的比赛中,我们的Proshows为每个人提供了一些东西。
    我们写标题的事件肯定做了一些turn, with events like Glitterati, Fraglore, Till Deaf Do We Part, Terpsichore and HaHa Hunt witnessing previously unseen talent from around the country.
    电影节,宣泄,戏剧节,绯红色窗帘,测验节,额度和摄影节,Photog Fest也取得了巨大的成功。
    This Pearl was also host to many renowned authors and speakers. Under the banner 'Pearl for Equality' and as a part of the YouTube Conclave, we were audience to many interesting and informative sessions.
    Even the Mr. and Ms. Pearl contest was a huge hit which received many applications and brought out the best from the participants.
    This Pearl saw unprecedented success with a footfall of 900 for events alone, and 6000 for the proshows combined. With exclusive features in well-known newspapers like the Hindu, the Times of India, Eenadu, Sakshi and Namaste Telangana, Pearl 2018 caught the attention of people all across the city.
    Most importantly, Pearl 2018 gave us so many unforgettable experiences which we will cherish forever. Here's to the miles ahead and the memories we make along the way.

  • ARENA 2018

    Arena, the sports fest of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, is one of the three main fests the campus is known across India for, and, simultaneously, is one of the best, if not the best sports meets in the entire state of Telangana for students and youth. Arena, brilliantly named for a sports fest, has continued to up the expectations and set benchmarks for itself over the years since its inception. It has been growing and allowing each and every one of its participants grow in experience and mental strength. It’s not the zeal, the organizers, the students, nor the dedicated contender base that has made Arena one and only; the place “where legends are born”.
    Arena had been born in a campus still young. Back then, in 2013, it was built from ground up by one Department, along with others like Dopy, Dove, Department of Arts and Deco, that was custom made for handling this, and only this fest. The Firewallz. They made Arena a resounding success for the first time it was organized. There were hundreds of participants from across various Institutions, and sports clubs. Since then, it has grown leaps and bounds to the brand that it is now.
    竞技场的成长是多少,从前曾经是数百人出入的事实中显而易见。现在,这是成千上万的。早些时候,我们自己的理由和设施足以让参与者。现在,必须使用外面的设施。Firewallz没有被预订,而是两个外部板球场的球员。奖金已经增加了成千上万,鼓励新的球员在FEST锦标赛中试图赢得。我们不仅吸引了不仅来自全国各地的特遣队,而且还吸引了遍布印度。有3,500名竞争者,虽然更多地观看。在球员中,毋庸置疑,来自该国的长度和广度的高校人。我们喜欢Nit Warangal,Nit Trichy等,以及Iit Madras和IIT Kanpur的参与者在其他知名的大学等知名大学,或奥斯诺伊大学以及来自所有主要城市的更多其他印度。 All this has been possible because of the nationwide name Arena has become. Sponsors and participants this year tended to contact us, before we contacted them so that they can further themselves for being associated with the name of Arena, and that, in itself is quite commendable from a campus that is as young as ours.
    在竞技场2018年,首席嘉宾是印度足球队的前守门员亨利梅奈先生,目前是西印度足球协会首席执行官。Pepsico是一个疯狂的国际组织,是冠军赞助商。其他主要提案国包括Zubi Academy,这是一个基于海德拉巴的体育学院,以及椭圆形的理由。椭圆形地面赞助了校园外的板球场。今年,官方竞技场专业节目是坦率的redding,他们给了一个令人敬畏的表现。
    Most of all, the people for whom Arena is made of and for, the sports community of BPHC gave a commendable performance. The sheer dedication, due to which the athletes and other competitors were seen in any time of the day in the field, or in the sports rooms of the SAC, paid off, as BPHC emerged as the single team with the highest number of collective medals amongst any other college or association. In chess (Boys), Tennis (team), Table Tennis (boys and girls) and Football, our campus won Medals; Chess, Table Tennis team, and Tennis team winning Gold, and Table Tennis Girls and Football team winning silver medals.
    In closing, Arena was a success, as always. New things were tried to improve the experience. An app was launched and maintained solely by the students on campus, in tandem with the website designed by the same students, which provided live feed and other news to the attending people. Participation was larger than ever. Organizing Committee became more organized and vigilant themselves (they were able to secure sports facilities, grounds with rates almost half of previous rates with their experience.) The entire event was flawless, with almost no major hiccups in sight. Most important of all, those who attended had nothing but nice things to say, that we, as a campus were able to gift them some beautiful memories and experiences.

  • ATMOS 2016.

    2016年全国技术技术管理费,Pilani - 海德拉巴校区于2016年10月13日星期四揭开了Agni - V,Drdo,Hyderabad的项目总监。G. Sundar教授主任主持了就职职能。从10月14日起超过3天的Atmos带来了一场令人兴奋的比赛,研讨会,讲座等等。超过15000名来自印度的学生预计将参加Atmos'16。
    During the inaugural function, BITSAA - Prof. S. Venkateswaran faculty excellence award for 2015 has been awarded to Prof. P. Yogeeswari for her immense contributions to education, students and the institute by the Chief Guest Dr. Tessy Thomas.

  • Convocation 2016

    海德拉巴校园博拉科技与科学研究所(比特)碧纶为2016年8月14日举办了2016年8月14日毕业生毕业生的召集仪式。Drdo Grace委员会秘书S. Christopher博士。作为首席嘉宾,由副总理,Souvik Bhattacharyya教授加入的校长,孙达教授和参议院成员,教师和员工。最先进的礼堂充满了毕业生,父母,教师和员工的兴奋和热情。
    675 graduating students of First Degree, 60 of Higher Degree and 30 of Ph.D Programmes were awarded degrees on the occasion. Mr. Aditya Chandrasekar, Mr. A. Sai Darshan and Ms. P. Sarguna Janani were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively for their outstanding academic achievements.
    大臣,Kumar Mangalam Birla博士,in his message, encouraged the graduating students to stay focused and cultivate self-confidence. He further added, “I want you to reflect on how privileged you are, and how you must seize the opportunities this education has opened up for you. There is a French phrase ‘noblesse oblige’. It literally means ‘nobility obligates’: that those who are privileged have an implicit obligation to those who are less privileged, and to the larger society and world around.”
    The Chief Guest, Dr. S. Christopher,emphasised on the need of sustainable development and the challenges associated with it. "Being a scientific community, let us make a positive difference to the future of the society and the health of the planet,” he said. While wishing the graduating students good luck in life, he encouraged them to empower the nation with their education and advised them to always aspire for deepening and broadening their knowledge.
    Presenting his annual report and sharing the future roadmap for the University, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Souvik Bhattacharyya, said that BITS Pilani’s industry engagement programmes like the Practice School and the Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP) are corner stones of the educational philosophy of BITS. “BITS Pilani values work experience as a significant element of student learning and helps students discover how they learn via work experience.” With over 400 research-focused faculty members joining, the Research Seed Grant Scheme has been revised to help them compete with the very best in India.
    G. Sundar教授主任,reviewed the achievements of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus during the academic year 2015-2016, bringing to light the various opportunities provided to its students and faculty. He mentioned that the campus is not only committed to achieving excellence in research and development but also keen on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. Conveying his wishes to the graduating students, he said, “Our endeavour is that the education in this institute will have prepared you to face the challenges ahead with confidence, to serve your chosen professions, the nation, and humanity with distinction, and serve as a strong foundation for lifelong learning in this rapidly changing world.”
    Prof. G. Ravindra Kumar, Senior Professorat the Department of Nuclear and Atomic Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai received the Distinguished Alumnus Award 2016.

  • 第10个基础日庆祝活动

    On Thursday 28 April 2016, the 10th Foundation day was celebrated at BITS, Pilani – Hyderabad Campus. As part of the celebration “ Abhinandan Samaroh” for BITSians in Civil Services was held. This was a first-of-its-kind group wherein BITIS Pilani connecting with BITS alumni in Civil Services, and arranged a felicitation which should go a long way in sensitizing the students to opt for Civil Services. 80 BITSians in Civil Services were invited of which 18 of them were able to attend the function. They were felicitated by Prof. V S Rao, Acting Vice Chancellor for their academic achievement and contribution to the Society.
    Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Founder and Executive Chairman, Cyient and Chairman, Board of Governors, IIT – Hyderabad was the chief Guest.
    在这种情况下。Rajendra Srivastava教授,Dean ISB;Mr. K Padmanabhaiah, Former Union Home Secretary , Prof. H P Tiwari, Former Professor of Chemistry of Pilani Campus, Mr Chandramouli , first Civil Servant from BITS, Pilani and Mr. Srini Raju, Chairman Peepul advisors, were the Guests-of-Honour.
    BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus has come up and is doing well in all spheres of its activities. Today, there are 3300 students and 180 faculty members are in the campus. The first phase of the construction was completed in 2014 and now the institute has embarked upon the second phase for building infrastructure to accommodate more students and staff.

一个被视为大学博物馆的机构。Vide of UGC ACT的SEC.3,1956年在通知下#F.12-23 / 63.U-2 1964年6月2日


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