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Geared for All-Round Growth


Offered at the first tier, these degrees have nomenclature like B.E. (Hons.), B.Pharm. (Hons.), M.M.S (Master of Management Studies), M.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Tech.), and M.A. (Hons.). These are level wise equivalent degrees. They are considered to be integrated degrees for two reasons: (i)the degree program includes several cross disciplinary common coursessuch as basic math and science and, (ii) no intermediate degree, like, B.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons.), B.A., B.A. (Hons), etc. is awarded. These degrees are modular in structure and academic requirements are spelt out in terms of the number of courses studied rather than the number of years.


  • 是。(Hons.)


    See all B.E.(Hons.) Programmes

  • B.Pharm.(Hons.)

    Our B.Pharm.(Hons.) programme has been structured to match and exceed the requirements of the Pharmacy Council of India. The programme offers students additional courses which give the shape and flavour of engineering as well as fundamental sciences giving an added dimension to the student’s academics.


  • M.Sc.(荣誉。)

    These are integrated degree programmes without any intermediate B.Sc. degree. While these programmes ensure the required science component in any comparable postgraduate science degrees of other universities, they also incorporate many courses which have been notionally considered to be the domain of engineers. The integrated nature of the programmes and their analytical and engineering science contents give them a added professional character and equips students with the skills and problem solving abilities to participate usefully in industrial jobs. While a capable student with a 10+2 background may be able to complete these programmes in four years, students with a 10+2+3 background with a B.Sc. degree, admitted on advanced standing basis will require two to three years to finish the programme. The vast majority of students who are admitted for these degrees also aspire and work for a second degree from B.E. (Hons.), M.M.S., B.Pharm. degrees under the dual degree scheme.

    See all M.Sc.(Hons.) Programmes

  • M.Sc.(Tech.)


    The Engineering Technology programme gives students an exposure across all engineering disciplines and emphasizes knowledge of the operation of various technological units.

    The programme on Information Systems equips students with comprehensive skills on computer software and software engineering techniques, both at the conceptual and application levels.





The evaluation system at BITS Pilani encourages and rewards continuous and systematic study. It also provides a continuous feedback to students and thus encourage more holistic learning.


One of the unique features of BITS Pilani is the flexibility it offers its students. Students can opt for Dual Degrees, transfers and the courses that form a programme.

Practice School


First Degree Thesis

Does research excite you? Do you want to find answers to problems in different areas within your discipline/interdisciplinary areas? Well then, maybe you should consider First Degree Thesis (FDT) in lieu of Practice School. The aim of the thesis course is to train a student in the methodology of research, to cultivate a logical and creative thinking and to make him/her express his/her findings in the form of a scientific report. Welcome to the exciting world of research.点击这里for more details.

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