Hello…?? My name is Sandra.. and I’m so sorry… do you remember me? I’ve been passing for some difficult moments so I couldn’t work in Sanforiciare.com, hope you can understand.. BUT I’M BACK, (back again, shady’s back, tell a friend, shady’s back shady’s.. OK, no motivation!) and I’m so excited with all the new proyect […]

  Hi, sweeties! There’s a new post about a look, with my favorite jacket from MANGO and new shoes from BERSHKA. I love wearing white on white and add some black as in this look. Hope you like the look 🙂 About my week.. It was so awful, a lot of exams, sleeplessness and lack of time, […]

Ever happened to you that when you put a garment you reminded your childhood? And who has not used denim jumsuit when we were kids? But the complete look isn’t infantile. The sunglasses are a gift from my friends, and the jumpsuit and the sweater are a ”selfgift” of my birthday (November 11th). And the place is just […]